The Lego Handbook

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The Lego Handbook

All Things Lego
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Some people see Lego as a kid's toy, something they buy their children on special occasions. Others, like myself, see LEGO as an alternative asset class to buying stocks.

You are in luck because it's far easier to pick the next Tesla or Apple in the LEGO world than it is picking these companies in the stock market.

If you are interested in the reselling LEGO or you are looking to put your money to work in an alternative asset class, then I urge you to download this guide and start your LEGO journey today!

This guide includes 11 chapters full of LEGO insights/knowledge

  • Introduction To LEGO
  • Brief History On The LEGO Company
  • Its A Collectors Market
  • The Production Process
  • Buying Criteria & Selling Strategies
  • What A Keepa
  • Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon)
  • Its About The Banners
  • eBay Vs Amazon
  • UK Retailers
  • Tricks Of The Trade

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